About Us

The 1964 World Fair held in Queens, NY.

It all started in the 1960s...

Marinos Italian Ices started in New York in the early 1960’s and was introduced at the 1964 World Fair. Marinos Italian Ices immediately became New York’s Favorite Italian Ice. As of today Marinos Italian Ices is still New York’s Favorite and is sold proudly in all venues of trade that include Supermarkets, Grocery stores, Convenience stores, Concessions, Vending, Pizzeria’s, Restaurants etc.

The original founder/owner, Mr. Marino Vourderis

From Greece to New York with just a dream...

Years ago Mr. Marino Vourderis had a vision and an Old World recipe that he had developed to produce Italian Ices. As a young man he left his country with his family and headed to the United States. He had ventured to the United States hearing it was the land of opportunity. He and his family had settled down in New York. Soon after he started an Ice Cream distribution company and named it the Olympic Ice Cream Company. After working this business for several years he started working on his dream to make Italian Ices. Shortly thereafter his dream came true. He started to manufacture Italian Ices and named his product “Marinos Italian Ices”. After its introduction to the Worlds Fair he could not keep up with the consumer demand. To keep up with the demand for his Italian Ices he closed down his distribution business and put forward all his time and energy to making “Marinos Italian Ices”.

The Old Marinos Italian Ices Supermarket 6pk boxes.

From one family to another....

Since then, the company has changed ownership but the tradition and quailty Mr. Marino Vourderis set forth still continues strong today. The new owners have catapulted Marinos into the 21st Century by introducing new flavors and exploring new markets.